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Century Battery Malaysia as an industry pioneer, Century Battery Malaysia has embraced the most recent IT advancements, for example, the SAP Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) framework. The framework incorporates inner and outer administration of data over our whole association covering account, assembling, deals and administration, client relations, administration and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Century Battery Malaysia Notwithstanding change in authoritative effectiveness, our merchants too have profited from a quicker reaction to their inquiries and necessities. These activities have decidedly fortified our position and market administration in the business.

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Maintenance agreement

We are the FIRST and ONLY organization to be confirmed by SIRIM for giving the longest guarantee to our batteries in the nation. This was made conceivable through inventive battery R and D and putting resources into new innovations. Inside the developing diesel vehicles advertise fragment the longest guarantee for diesel batteries in Malaysia additionally from Century, which is a further declaration of our administration in the business.

Century Battery Malaysia – Certified by SIRIM

Century Battery Malaysia

We are resolved to accomplish quality in all ranges in our quest for brilliance – from items, preparing, forms, vital showcasing, client administration to creative utilization of new innovations. We are advantaged to be recognized for our endeavors by the business, accomplices, partners, merchants and particularly our end-clients.

We are the first and final battery mark in the business to be guaranteed by SIRIM. Our responsibility regarding the most astounding gauges of value was additionally improved with affirmation by TUV Rheinland.

Car battery Malaysia

A car battery is a rechargeable battery that provisions electrical vitality to an engine vehicle. It is otherwise called a SLI battery (beginning lighting-start)  and its fundamental reason for existing is to begin the motor. Once the motor is running, control for the auto’s electrical frameworks is provided by the alternator.

Ordinarily, beginning releases under three for each penny of the battery limit. SLI batteries are intended to discharge a high burst of present and afterward be immediately revived. They are not intended for profound release, and a full release can lessen the battery’s lifespan.

And also beginning the motor a SLI battery supplies the additional power important when the vehicle’s electrical prerequisites surpass the supply from the charging framework. It is additionally a stabilizer, evening out conceivably harming voltage spikes.

While the motor is running, a large portion of the power is given by the alternator, which incorporates a voltage controller to keep the yield in the vicinity of 13.5 and 14.5 V. Modern SLI batteries are lead-corrosive sort, utilizing six arrangement associated cells to give an ostensible 12 volt framework (in most traveler vehicles and light trucks), or twelve cells for a 24 volt framework in overwhelming trucks or earth-moving hardware, for example.

Battery electric vehicles are controlled by a high-voltage electric vehicle battery, yet they typically have a car battery also, with the goal that they can utilize standard car embellishments which are intended to keep running on 12 V.

Car Battery Malaysia – Use and Maintenance

Warmth is the essential driver of battery disappointment as it quickens erosion inside the battery. A vehicle with a level battery can be kicked off by the battery of another vehicle or by a versatile battery promoter, after which a running motor (yet running speedier than sit still speed) will keep on charging the battery.

Erosion at the battery terminals can keep an auto from beginning because of electrical resistance, which can be counteracted by the best possible utilization of dielectric grease.

Sulfation happens when the cathodes end up noticeably covered with a hard layer of lead sulfate which debilitates the battery. It happens when a battery is not completely charged and remains discharged. Sulfated batteries ought to be charged gradually to forestall damage.

SLI batteries are not intended for profound release, and their life is lessened when subjected to this.

Auto batteries utilizing lead-antimony plates require general fixing up with unadulterated water to supplant water lost because of electrolysis and vanishing. By changing the alloying component to calcium, later outlines have diminished the rate of water misfortune.

Present day auto batteries have lessened support prerequisites, and may not give tops to expansion of water to the cells. Such batteries incorporate additional electrolyte over the plates to take into consideration misfortunes amid the battery life.

Some battery producers incorporate an implicit hydrometer to demonstrate the condition of charge of the battery.

A positive (red) jumper link associated with battery post. A discretionary hydrometer window is obvious by the single jumper cinch. (The dark negative jumper cinch is not appeared.)

The essential destroy component is the shedding of dynamic material from the battery plates, which collects at the base of the cells and which may inevitably impede plates.

This can be significantly decreased by walling one in set of plates in plastic separator sacks, produced using a penetrable material. This enables the electrolyte and particles to go through, however keeps the ooze develop from connecting the plates.

Car Battery Malaysia – Ecological effect

Battery reusing of car batteries decreases the requirement for assets required for make of new batteries, occupies lethal lead from landfills, and anticipates danger of dishonorable transfer. Once a lead corrosive battery stops to hold a charge, it is regarded an utilized lead corrosive battery (ULAB), which is named perilous waste under the Basel Convention. The 12-volt auto battery is the most reused item on the planet, as indicated by the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

In the U.S. alone, around 100 million auto batteries a year are supplanted, and 99 percent of them are handed over for reusing. However the reusing might be done inaccurately in unregulated situations. As a major aspect of worldwide waste exchange ULABs are transported from industrialized nations to creating nations for dismantling and recovery of the substance. Around 97 for every penny of the lead can be recuperated. Unadulterated Earth assesses that more than 12 million third world individuals are influenced by lead pollution from ULAB handling.

We are one of the Authorized Dealer of CENTURY BATTERY MALAYSIA, VIN BATTERY SUPPLIES.

Century Marathoner (Maintenance Free)

Century Marathoner is a heavier duty MF Battery compared to ordinary MF batteries, as a result of the addition of more active material and utilisation of thicker grids. The additional active materials enable the plates to produce more power under an optimised material utilisation rate while the mechanical properties of the plate is enhanced by the new design and thicker grids; ensuring that plates have higher corrosion resistance.

  • BETTER GRID DESIGN – Expanded Positive and negative Lead-Calcium-Tin Alloy Grids, that allow the grids of the plates to have finer grain structure vs cast grids. The finer grain structure minimizes the sulfuric acid’s ability to corrode the “hollow spaces in the grid structure” and the result is longer battery service life.
  • LOW WATER CONSUMPTION RATE – Thanks to its Lead Calcium-Tin alloy and Labyrinth design, gas liquid recombination covers, resulting to lower water loss and longer service life.
    – Enhances the cohesiveness of active material components and allow active material compounds to freely expand.
    – Contracts to its maximum during the charging and discharging process (without breaking the bonds holding them together).
    – This will result in a more complete reaction of the active materials and acid; generating higher and consistent power.
  • VIBRATION PADS – The Vibration pads act like ‘plastic springs” that are placed inside each cells of the battery, ensuring tighter element fit, resulting to higher vibration resistance.
  • STRAP PROTECTION – The strap protectors serves as “shields” in the event that the plates experience vertical grid growth and preventing the grid and other battery parts to short circuit.

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